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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri


Unleash the power of rock at The Record Bar, where Guardin will shatter the silence on Friday, June 14th, 2024, in Kansas City, Missouri. As one of the most anticipated events in the Hard Rock/Metal scene, this night promises an engaging experience as Guardin plunges deep into their arsenal of tracks that have rocked the foundations of the genre.

Experience the raw intensity of hits that have guided airwaves, and feel your pulse match the rhythm of relentless drums and scorching guitar riffs. Guardin is not just another band; they are the torchbearers of metal's indomitable spirit, and their live performance is a confirmation of their monumental achievements in the music landscape.

With tickets starting at just $46, this is your chance to witness the titans of rock at their best. Don’t miss out on a night where the air will be alive with the echoes of Guardin's supreme sound. Buy tickets now and secure your place in rock history. This is an AMAZING celebration of Hard Rock/Metal that you simply cannot afford to miss.

The Loneliest Tour in the World

Prepare to be surrounded by in a wave of emotive rock as Guardin comes to Kansas City for an extraordinary performance at The Record Bar on Friday, 14th June 2024. guests will be surrounded in an atmosphere pulsing with indie rock energy, hip hop rhythm, and R&B soul. Exciting visuals and Guardin's raw, genuine interaction with the crowd will craft an experience that goes beyond a typical concert setting.


Nicholas Jordan Kerr-Carpenter, more famously known as Guardin, strides into the spotlight carrying a medley of awards and a dedicated international fanbase. Transitioning from his laptop in Hornell, NY, to global stages, Guardin has manifested a sound universe where fans savor his genre-bending music. Boasting a rich discography that showcases his versatility and creativity, Guardin commands admiration. With hit songs like "astralagenda" and a fresh album "Creatures Together," he continues to redefine the musical landscape. His recent work, lauded as a transformative blend of hip hop, indie rock, and R&B, is evidence for his innovative spirit that fans look forward to experiencing live.

The Record Bar Information

Nestling in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, The Record Bar is a cherished landmark famous for its high-quality acoustics, friendly setting and history of hosting stellar concerts. This venue promises an up-close and personal live music experience that allows fans to connect with the artists in a unique way - perfect for Guardin. Amenities are best clarified by reaching out directly to The Record Bar, their long-standing reputation for excellent events assures that it will be an brilliant night for all concert-goers.

Ticket Information

Eager to witness Guardin's live performance? Secure your spot by heading over to Ticket Squeeze and click the "buy tickets" button to purchase from a reliable marketplace. With tickets starting at just $46, seize the chance to be part of this appealing musical odyssey. As availability dwindles and anticipation mounts, ensure you’re not among those deserted on the boulevard of missed musical experiences. Your ticket to The Loneliest Tour in the World awaits—don’t let it slip away.

Guardin at The Record Bar

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