It’s hard to believe that recordBar only started in a strip mall in Kansas City. But that’s exactly where the venue began in August of 2005. During those early years, it became a popular home for up and coming local talent that wanted to share their love of music. Artists that were never given a chance at larger or more established venues were given a platform to wow the crowds, win new fans, and expand on what could be done with music. 

But the spirit of the venue grew and found a home in Kansas City. So now, over fifteen years later, it’s got a new location and has become one of the hottest venues in town. 

It has hosted thousands of local, regional, national, and even international bands. It has hosted weddings, retirement parties, celebrations of life, charity events, and other social affairs. It has even  become a second home for some guests with some even calling it “like a church”. 

It is a respected member of Kansas City life and is well loved by musicians and fans all over the world. It’s become known as The Place to go when you want to see live music up-close and personal in Kansas City. And you can’t find a more intimate connection with any artist then when you see them up on the recordBar stage.

What People are saying about the Concert Venue

“recordBar has helped foster a community for local musicians and fans. Allowing artists to get their start on a professional stage and bringing in touring groups from all over the musical spectrum.”

— Michelle Bacon, 90.9 The Bridge

“The recordBar has been one of the key places for me to get know the Kansas City’s Music Scene: the vibrance, purity, and inspiration it offers. This is where decades long friendships have been created. I walk in and I smile. No matter what kind of day I have had before entry.”

— Todd Zimmer, Rock’N’Roll Photographer

“The first show I booked at the recordBar in 2005 was The National the last band I booked booked by me in 2020 was Surf Curse. There have been hundreds of bands, thousands of fans, and millions of memories in between these shows. Because every page in the fifteen year anthology of the recordBar is worth a listen.”

— Jacki Becker, Promoter, Up To Eleven

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