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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri


Jawny is back on tour for 2023 and going to be in town Saturday 30th September 2023 for one of the biggest nights of the fall! Get lost in the music and the atmosphere, bring the crew and have the night of your life this September, after all, why not? You deserve it! Playing the impressive The Record Bar of Kansas City - one of the, if not THE greatest venue in the whole of Missouri for enormous concerts like this and right in the centre of town for continued singing and dancing after the show! Get your tickets now, because this WILL sell out in a flash and you don't want to be disappointed when Jawny comes to town! Click 'get tickets' today!

Think of the last time you visited a huge pop concert, wasn't it one of the high points of your year? Here is a concert that'll make you remember it even Moree, the stunning Jawny has announced tour dates for fall, 2023 and we will be totally honest it looks by far the best yet! Jawny is HUGE, likely one of the unrivaled pop acts on stage, remember those incredible hits! You'll be within the huge stadium of Jawny fans feeling that impressive beat one exciting Saturday in September! The Record Bar of Kansas City, Missouri will play this huge night of pop on Saturday 30th September 2023, its expected to be sold out so bag your entry right away! Don't get FOMO, how about being IN that huge crowd yourself? The internet will be going crazy with Jawny fans on Saturday 30th September 2023 so follow the 'get tickets' link this instant so to ensure you get every chance of being there!

Jawny at The Record Bar

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