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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri

Krooked Kings

Alternative music lovers all over the place are buying tickets to the leading and hugest night of the genre of now! Krooked Kings is the stuff of legends and a tour of the states has been announced for fall, 2023, its expected to be fully booked and tickets are limited so act quickly if you want to attend this October! Krooked Kings will be hosted by the astounding The Record Bar, Missouri, Kansas City on Friday 6th October 2023, if you want to treat yourself and your friends and you want a memorable experience then buy access today by pressing the 'get tickets' icon above!

Krooked Kings has been sweeping the nation this year, tickets sales are an all time high and fanatics hammered down the door to get their hands on them! Krooked Kings seems to be on the tips of everybody tongues right now and we get it because there doesn't seem to be anywhere near as excellent an act on the alternative music scene, so understandably fans are going wild! The long awaited fall, 2023 tour will make a Kansas City pitstop in October. There has been a lot of chatter about where the event will be held, and thankfully this time around, it'll be at non other than the stunning The Record Bar, Kansas City, Missouri, well known for it's stunning features, second to none customer service, the exceptional food and drinks options and the perfect location. The Record Bar is a world class music venue and will only add to the ambience of the evening on Friday 6th October 2023. Press the link on this page to secure your tickets this moment!

Krooked Kings at The Record Bar

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