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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri

Oliver Hazard

Step into the center of tunes and tales with the unmissable Oliver Hazard concert at The Record Bar. On the evening of Wednesday, 26th June 2024, Kansas City will resonate with the soul-stirring tracks that have captivated the middles of country music lovers. Feel the pulse of the Midwest as you’re transported through songs that spin stories of life, love and longing.

Be there as "Hey Louise," one of their most beloved tracks, fills the air, and experience live the vivid storytelling that earnt them critical acclaim. A performance by Oliver Hazard is more than just a concert—it's a gathering of friends, old and new, celebrating music that echoes our journeys.

At a starting ticket price of only $38, it's a steal for an evening awash with songs that promise to linger in your memory. This is your chance to revel in the allure of strings and harmonies that only Oliver Hazard can deliver. Don’t let this night of nostalgia slip away; click the ‘buy tickets’ button and secure your place at a concert that's sure to speak to your center.

Imagine an evening filled with middlefelt songs and toe-tapping tunes as you enter into the warm embrace of the Record Bar on a fine Wednesday, the 26th of June, 2024. Oliver Hazard will light up Kansas City, Missouri, with their harmonious indie-folk sounds, enveloping fans in an experience that's as friendly as it is exciting. The band's notorious DIY approach to music creation guarantees a night where every chord strummed is a crafted piece of their soul, ensuring an true ambiance for music lovers of all stripes.

Oliver Hazard

Oliver Hazard, an indie-folk band hailing from Waterville, Ohio, will lead the evening with their resonant storytelling and rustic charm. Not just a name in folk circuits, these troubadours have carved out a commendable niche with their innovative spirit. Their recent $30,000 award for a Maritime Operations and Engineering Voyage for High School Students is a evidence to their dedication to both music and social impact. Oliver Hazard's tracks resonate with the rhythms of humanity, and fans can expect to hear popular songs that might just include the latest hits from their lively catalog.

The Record Bar Information

The Record Bar, a Kansas City staple, boasts an cozy setting that complements the genuine narratives of folk music. A melting pot of musical history, this venue has long been the stage for legendary performances, earning its reputation for nights that live long in memory. For a more personal encounter with the venue's offerings or any inquiries, patrons are encouraged to reach out directly to Record Bar, where the staff eagerly awaits to enhance your concert-going experience.

Ticket Information

For those eager to immerse themselves in the soul-stirring sounds of Oliver Hazard, tickets are available starting at $38. Secure your passage to this impressive evening through the trusted marketplace, Ticket Squeeze. Simply click on the "buy tickets" button and step closer to a night where the air will be filled with music that speaks directly to the middle, woven by the artful hands of Oliver Hazard. Make haste, for these tickets are not just passes to a performance but keys to a communal celebration of tunes and memories that will echo long after the last strum fades away.

Oliver Hazard at The Record Bar

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