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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri


Hey, fellow music lovers! Guess who's hitting The Record Bar in Kansas City? Softcult, our very own dreampop icons, are blessing us on June 30, 2024, with their otherworldly vibes and ethereal soundscapes!

This isn't just a concert, guys – it's an EXPERIENCE. Those who’ve been there know – the pulse of the bass, the swell of the crowd, and that moment when the first chord strums and everything just fades away. Pure. Magic.

Remember how "Bruise" left us lost in reverie? Live, it's a WHOLE new kind of indulgence. And "Another Bish"? Prepare for an electric sing-along sesh that'll resonate in your bones. Expect to hear all the HITS, those heart-rending anthems that have woven into the fabric of our playlists.

In the intimate coziness of The Record Bar, every chord, every whisper of the lyrics hits deeper. Aren't you already picturing the lights dimming?

So here's the buzz - tickets are FLYING. Get on it! You won't want to miss Softcult making June 30 an unforgettable night. Snag your pass to the stars and join the sonic journey. Let's catch them live, SHALL WE?

Softcult will be held in Missouri and it promises to be an epic evening! If you want to see an assembly of elite alternative music greats, don’t miss Softcult. It’s the type of experience that only comes around once or twice a year, so plan accordingly! Feel the music course through your veins on the clear and booming speakers in The Record Bar. Grab some drinks from the fully stocked in-house bar. Light is everything and The Record Bar stage does not disappoint. You need to act quickly if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Reserve your seat via the ‘get tickets’ button below.

Softcult at The Record Bar

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