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The Record Bar | Kansas City, Missouri

Talbott Brothers

Hey music lovers! Brace yourselves, because The Talbott Brothers are hitting The Record Bar stage in Kansas City on May 10, 2024. Smooth harmonies, raw lyrics – our fave folk-rock duo is set to deliver AN EPIC NIGHT you won't want to miss.

Imagine this: the strum of a guitar, haunting melodies, and the kind of live energy that stays with you. They've toured relentlessly, weaving stories and emotions into songs, and now it's OUR turn to experience it... up close and personal.

Remember "Gray"? Yep, that heart-tugger will be LIVE. "Run No More"? You’ll hear that anthem for freedom echoing through the crowd. The brothers pour their SOUL into each performance, and it’s downright contagious.

Kansas City! This isn't just a gig. It’s a night where every lyric, each chord, will resonate through The Record Bar’s famed acoustics. Let's pack the place, sing till our voices crack, and feel the rush only a live show can give.

Don't sleep on it – grab your tickets! Let’s make this a night to remember with The Talbott Brothers! #TalbottBrothersLive 🎵🎶

Are you still on the fence about booking tickets to upcoming The Record Bar events? Then get prepared to learn about why the iconic The Record Bar is the number one music venue in all of Kansas City, Missouri. Not only does the The Record Bar have a history of bringing the hottest talents to their stage, but they also offer a whole host of other special events and concerts that keeps fans coming back for more. And what’s more, next on the list of phenomenal events is the arrival of Talbott Brothers! This artist has been touring throughout the country and this incredible city is next on the tour! Social media has been avidly discussing this tour with people saying they’ve been left blown away by the truly stunning performances! So why not come down and see what all the hype is about at the The Record Bar!

Talbott Brothers at The Record Bar

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