The Melvins at recordBar

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recordBar | Kansas City, Missouri

Does The Melvins ring any bells? We thought so! One of the top alternative acts in the genre and you could see live from the huge and excited crowd on the fall, 2022 tour! Hosted by the unbelievable recordBar on Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday 20th September 2022, social media will be blowing up with excited attendees perspectives….now is your time to witness the greatness for real! Tuesday evening never felt so good….the atmosphere will be breathtaking! To book your entry for September simply press the 'get tickets' button you can view just above!

Getting to an alternative show is tough going, there are so many to choose from BUT did you realise that the top alternative act of today is on tour once more for fall, 2022 and this time around you can experience this for yourself? Well, The Melvins has been about for a while now and this Tuesday evening in September will be testament that The Melvins is just as good live! Social media is non stop The Melvins, the name seems to pop up everywhere you go! This is so exciting, so makesure you head down to the unforgettable recordBar, Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday 20th September 2022 for a memorable visit! You'll adore that feeling of entering the arena, you'll be in your element, the atmosphere and that incredible sound filling the air….the hits! Now for tickets to the performance, you'll be able to secure straight from this page, simply click the 'get tickets' icon you see on this page! Don't miss out!

The Melvins at recordBar

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